School of Career and Technical Education

School of Career and Technical Education

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School of Career & Tech Ed
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09 - 12

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The Essentials of School Culture and Climate Survey is a research-based instrument that is loosely based on the 5Essentials Survey, designed by the Consortium of School Research at the University of Chicago. Questions included in the survey are based on a large body of research about what is important for turning low-performing schools around. These include questions about Effective Leadership, Involved Families, Supportive Environment, Collaborative Teachers, and Ambitious Instruction. Previous research suggests that being strong on these measures of school climate makes a school 10 times more likely to demonstrate significant academic improvements.


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The figure above presents the results of the ESCC survey for your school. The shaded areas reflect the range of ratings for all MPS schools. The light blue shaded area represents the bottom 25th percentile, or 1st quartile, of schools. Each darker blue shaded area represents the next quartile, such that schools in the darkest shaded area are in the top 25% of schools, or most organized in that area. Where the second and third shaded areas meet represents the average rating for MPS schools. Your school’s score (a yellow diamond) reflects the average of your school’s ratings on the questions that comprise that component of the ESCC. The trend lines present comparisons of your school’s ratings on the ESCC survey with the average ratings of other MPS schools for each component of the ESCC.