What is UDISP?

UDISP is a collaboration between the Office of Socially Responsible Evaluation in Education at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Public Schools. The goal of this project is to provide schools with actionable information about their schools and to empower them to the data effectively. Dr. Curtis Jones serves as the principal investigator of the Using Data to Improve Schools Project.

Why measure school climate?

Measuring school climate provides schools with invaluable information about how teachers, parents, and staff experience schools. Their perceptions of schools often explain much as to why students are succeeding or not. The specific questions that are asked in the survey.

What does the Essentials of School Culture and Climate Survey measure?

The Essentials of School Culture and Climate Survey is a research-based instrument that is loosely based on the 5Essentials Survey, designed by the Consortium of School Research at the University of Chicago. Questions included in the survey are based on a large body of research about what is important for turning low-performing schools around. These include questions about Effective Leadership, Involved Families, Supportive Environment, Collaborative Teachers, and Ambitious Instruction. Previous research suggests that being strong on these measures of school climate makes a school 10 times more likely to demonstrate significant academic improvements.

What questions are included on the Essentials of School Culture and Climate Survey?

To see the specific questions asked in the surveys, please visit:


How is the Essentials of School Culture and Climate Survey administered?

Surveys are administered on-line during the spring. Staff are directly emailed by SREed to ask them to participate in the survey or they may use a link on our website. Schools asked 4th through 12th grade students to participate by taking them in computer labs. Student surveys were available in English and Spanish. It is very important to note that ALL RESPONSES ARE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL BY SREED!

Why does my school not have any reports?

In 2015, only schools that had a least 40% of a group participate in the survey have reports. In 2016 this threshold was increased to 50%.

How is MPS using the results?

To learn how MPS is using the results of the Essentials of School Culture and Climate Survey, please visit: